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June 2023

Monday, 12. June 2023

12:30 – 15:00
Recurs weekly

Tuesday, 13. June 2023

10:00 – 16:00
Studi Lab
Recurs weekly

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Sicherheitsunterweisung im Fab Lab

Um selbstständig im Fab Lab arbeiten zu dürfen brauchst du eine Sicherheitsunterweisung. Sie führt in die Regeln ein und stellt die Grundlage für das Arbeiten im Lab dar. Die Sicherheitsunterweisung wird jeden Mittwoch um 16 Uhr angeboten und ist für alle TeilnehmerInnen kostenlos. Eine Anmeldung ist nicht erforderlich.


For us contribution and community comes first. Open for everyone also for you!

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3D printing, laser cutting and robots – all these technologies and many more are gathered in the Fab Lab Siegen.

What is a Fab Lab?

interdisciplinary (Creative) workshop? Manufacturing laboratory? None of this means anything to you? Then learn more here darüber, what a Fab Lab is.


All dates für for our workshops, meetings and safety briefings can be found here.

Research projects

The Fab Lab Siegen is part of the University of Siegen and a place for research projects and teaching. Find out more about the projects and the courses offered here.

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Discover one of the many projects our community made in the Fab Lab Siegen.
Retr0brighting – Brighten up old gaming hardware

Retr0brighting – Brighten up old gaming hardware

A project by Florian Jasche

about hydrogen peroxide, UV light, patience and cling film.

Repair of a Soviet hand drill

Repair of a Soviet hand drill

A project by Vladislav K.

How to repair low-tech with high-tech.

The emergence of an arch handle

The emergence of an arch handle

A project by Philip Dasbach

Archery is all about perfection, which is why a 3D-printed grip that fits your hand is so helpful.

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