Fab Lab reopens for members of the university

Good news for students and other members of the university of Siegen: from now on the creative workshop in the Fab Lab reopens in compliance with strict hygiene regulations. Opening hours are until further notice each wednesday between 10am and 4pm.

From now on wednesdays you can print, laser, plott, solder, sew and mill. The Fab Lab team invites especially students to use the Fab Lab as a place of creativity and to realise study projects. Of course there are some restrictions to observe. The Fab Lab implements the hygiene concept from the university and has some additional special rules for working in the Fab Lab.

We are glad to finally enable the opportunity for more people to do creative work in the Fab Lab. Thereby everybody’s health is important.

Marios Mouratidis, Lab- and Project-Manager of the Fab Lab.

Please write to for and advance booking. The spaces are limited: Per day in total 15 people are allowed to work in the Fab Lab, this allows to keep the risk of infections low.

Because everybody working in the Fab Lab is required to have attended in a safety instruction the Fab Lab offers this instruction every Wednesday at 10 am. Mostly these safety instructions take up to 90 minutes. An registration for these safety instructions is required.

Details about the registration and some answers to potential questions can be seen at https://fablab-siegen.de/oeffnungszeiten/.

Who wants to be kept updated could follow the Fab-Lab-News-Channel on Telegram. If you want do participate in discussions the Fab Labs Telegram group is the place to be. You can subscribe to the mailing list too.