We have compiled a selection of information about the Fab Lab here that might be of interest to press products. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

About the Fab Lab Siegen

The Fab Lab (Fabrication Laboratory) in Siegen is part of a worldwide and growing community of open workshops and innovation labs. In these places, people – regardless of background or previous experience – can learn and teach together, implement projects, and use tools and machines that are often not available to private users. Some such machines might be 3D printers or CNC mills, but the Fab Lab also has sewing machines or hand tools.

Learning to use such technologies together, sharing knowledge, and collaboration among people and organizations of all backgrounds are the focus here.

The open lab provides a safe space for experimentation. In doing so, we conduct research with ethical, legal and social implications in mind and treat people and resources with respect.

We encourage curiosity and creativity, creating space for personal development. It is important to us to work towards a sustainable and diverse society, which is why we enable low-threshold participation in technological, social and scientific developments.

We democratize access to technology and knowledge about it and are a place for cross-disciplinary knowledge exchange. In doing so, we bring people, academia and industry together.

Press inquiries to Fab Lab

Marios Mouratidis is competent for public relations of the Fab Lab. His contact information:

Marios Mouratidis, M.Sc

Phone: +49 (0) 271 740 – 4535
E-mail address:

Press Office of the University of Siegen

Staff office for press, communication and marketing

Contact & Address

Address: Sandstraße 26, 57072 Siegen
Telefon: +49 (0) 271 740 – 3185 (only reachable when someone is at the office)
Chatte with us via Telegram !


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