Work Safety

There is a reason why Fab Lab includes “laboratory“, because not only are new technologies on site, but more important new usages and users are part of expermineting. The most important basic rule is therefore common sense – be careful, better ask one time too often then one time too less and contribute your part for safety, knowledge and organisation.

Laboratory Order?

Legally this is so far not enough which is why ruels for usage and access as well as details about insurance and liability according to the current legal situation can be seen in the laboratory order. The current state of the order is based on a longer process which has evolved through a cooperation between the Fab Lab Siegen, the department “Arbeitssicherheit” and also some input given by other german Fab Labs.

Traffic Light System?

The usage of present devices and machines is devided into different areas which have an individual safety instruction each.

  • Green: General safety instruction, applies for general usage of the lab and common household tools (e.g. hand tools).
  • Yellow: Areas with need of a special briefing, after which usage is possible independently (e.g. 3D-printer, electronical tools, E-workshop).
  • Red: Areas with need of a special briefing and also an individual consultation with the Lab coordination before usage (e.g. CNC mill).

Without a instruction, for example as a guest, it is not allowed to work in the Fab Lab. Guided tours and visits, participation in lectures and working on ones own computer is nevertheless allowed.