There is a reason why we speak of Fab Lab, i.e. laboratory, because experiments are being conducted not only with (new) technologies, but above all with new uses and users. The most important basic rule is therefore common sense – be careful, better ask one time too often then one time too less and contribute your part for safety, knowledge and organisation.

Laboratory Regulations

Legally, of course, this is not yet sufficient as a framework, so the rules for use and access, as well as the details of insurance and liability within the framework of the current legal situation, are set out in the Laboratory Regulations The current state of the order is based on a longer process which has evolved through a cooperation between the Fab Lab Siegen, the department “Work Safety” and also some input given by other german Fab Labs.

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Safety Instructions

Without instruction, e.g. as a guest, it is not permitted to work actively in the Fab Lab. Guided tours, visits, participation in lectures, working with your own laptop or similar are excluded from this. The use of the available devices and machines is divided into different areas, each of which requires safety instruction.

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Behavior in case of accidents

One of our goals is to enable a safe work environment and to prevent work accidents. Despite that accidents can not be excluded. Moreover intrinsic emergencies can occur anytime (e.g. circulatory problems, nausea, heart attack or fainting).

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