What does a mailing list do?

If you haven’t subscribed to a mailing list here are a few words for you: Mails you send to a mailing list will be send to all the other subscribers of the list. You do not have to enter every single mail address of each subscriber. It is enough writing to the lists address.

How can I get on the list?

Here you can subscribe to the mailing list. Be aware, that the usual language on the mailing list is German. But do not hesitate to write in english as well,

Why should I subscribe to a mailing list?

Via our mailing list you can exchange with others about topics around the Fab Lab. Moreover you will receive announcements about important news from the Fab Lab.

Some rules for using the mailing list

The list is public! You do not know who else is reading along.

Please abide by the general rules for mailing lists and always be constructive. Take your time while writing a mail, ~10 peoples time should be worth it.
Be kind and imagine we would sat together drinking a Mate!

Technical / Instruction Manual

  • Only send plain text in your mails (not HTML)
  • Use inline quotes instead of full quotes (cite single parts of the written word)
  • Note the topic (subject)
  • better do not attach files


  1. Don’t feed the trolls
  2. Irony and sarcasm do not work in mails
  3. Read mails attentive and complete
  4. Stay calm and factual, especially while a provocation
  5. Insubstantial critique is not helpful
  6. Avoid repetitions and +1 posts
  7. ~10 people receive your mail so sonsider if the topic is appropriate
  8. Take your time and answer after consideration

I do NOT want to subscribe to the mailing list anymore!

Here you can unsubscribe from the mailing list.