The Fab Lab is a research infrastructure of SmaPS (Center for Smart Production Design), a subproject of the CSCW chair.

The Center for Smart Production Design Siegen researches the design, construction and implementation of completely new tool concepts using the example of forming technology. Here, the limits of conventional subtractive manufacturing are eliminated and extended by integrating additive manufacturing processes in toolmaking. The simultaneous integration of state-of-the-art sensor and actuator technology in the active surfaces of the tools activates them into intelligent tools. This results in an extension of existing process limits. In addition, interdependencies are also made tangible.
SMAP is a cross-faculty project. The Fab Lab is part of the Center for Smart Manufacturing Design and brings expertise on plastics 3D printing, robotics, rapid prototyping and will explore networked smart tools and technologies in their collaborative infrastructure. This infrastructure, which is being developed, is intended to bring together fabrication methods with the various know-how of the participants and to enable collaboration between distributed locations.