Here you will find answers to questions we are frequently asked. The abbreviation FAQ comes from English and stands for “Frequently Asked Questions”.

What does it cost to work at the Lab?

The use of the lab is currently free of charge, but (material) donations and the like are very welcome. The most valuable currency for us is knowledge – please share your experiences with the community and also remember to send us info (e.g. photos) of your projects.

What can I do in the Lab?

The laboratory can be used in many ways. Here you can work on our machines and also exchange ideas with the community. Furthermore, our space can be used in many ways.

Do I have to study at the University of Siegen to use the Lab?

No! Everyone is welcome.

Can I buy material for the laser/ 3D printer/ plotter from you?

We generally do not sell materials in the laboratory. To use the 3D printer, we provide material from us to try out. Material for laser and plotter must be brought by yourself or leftover pieces from past projects may be used free of charge.

With which software can I work with the EAS CNC milling machine?

Fusion 360 is suitable for preparation for the EAS CNC milling machine.

Can I reserve equipment or machines?

In general, the rule is “First-to-the-machine-is-working-on-it!”. However, we like to make an exception for longer, larger or very elaborate projects. Just talk to us!

Can I have something printed at Fab Lab Siegen?

Yes and no. Yes. Just talk to us about it, and we’ll weigh in on whether and how contracting and associated costs become necessary. But it’s also no: Fab Lab Siegen is fundamentally concerned with the topic “Do it yourself! “. Feel free to come by and use our infrastructure after receiving a safety instruction to realize your projects.

Do you have a 3D scanner?

We only have a very old scanner that requires a lot of pre- and post-processing. Instead, we recommend 3D scanning software such as the open source tool Meshroom:

Can I hang up my poster with you?

In principle, yes, in the places provided for this purpose. Please ask a staff member for this. We keep the right to reject posters.


How old do I have to be to work alone in the lab?

After reaching the age of 18, the laboratory may be used independently after receiving a safety instruction. For all younger users: if you want to work in the Lab, you need a supervisor/guardian to take responsibility for you.

Am I insured while using the lab?

Accident insurance coverage through the responsible Unfallkasse NRW exists for university employees and students who use the lab to fulfill their professional or student duties, i.e., students and employees are insured against accidents through the Unfallkasse NRW within the scope of their (official) duties. Other users and uses of Fab Lab Siegen are part of the (private law) business liability insurance of the University of Siegen.

All users of the laboratory are liable for damages caused by improper use of the existing facilities and equipment. The conclusion of a liability insurance is therefore recommended.

Safety Instructions

Do I have to register?

No. Registration is not required. Come to the lab promptly at 4 p.m. on the first or third Thursday of the month. Staff members are in the laboratory on these days and then determine the program for the respective instruction together with the interested parties present.

For whom are safety instructions?

In principle, anyone interested can participate in a safety instruction from the age of 14. For participants under 18, as well as for the use of the Lab in general, the consent of a parent or guardian is required, as well as an assurance of the duty of supervision.

What is the cost of a safety instruction?

The safety instruction is free of charge for all participants.

How long does a safety instruction take?

We should be through with everything after 90 minutes.

And when can I start working on the machines?

To work on the machines, please visit us during Open Lab hours.

Your question was not answered?

Feel free to post your question in the comments, or write us.


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